•    Dropped out of college – what else can I say!


Exhibitions: 2012-1998

•    ‘UK Art Quilts’ (National Quilt Museum, Paducah, U.S.A, March-June 2012)

•    ‘ArtCloth: Engaging New Visions’ (Australia, 2009 to 2011, catalogued)

•    ‘Art : Cloth’ (The Knitting & Stitching Shows, U.K., 2008)

•    Florence Biennale (Italy, 2007, catalogued)

•    ‘Festival of Cloth’ (Houston, USA, 2007)

•    ‘Unfurled’ (Nebraska, U.S.A., 2007)

•    ‘Never Static’ (Minneapolis, U.S.A., 2006)

•    ‘Creative Link II’ (Grace Barrand Design Centre, U.K. 2005)

•    Committed to Cloth

(The Knitting & Stitching Shows, U.K. 2004)

•    Complex Cloth (The Festival of Quilts, U.K., 2004)

•    European Art Quilt (U.K., Europe & U.S.A., 2004, 2006, 2010 & 2012, catalogued)

•    Quilt 2004 (U.K., catalogued)

•    European Quilt Art (Belgium, 1998)


I have also curated two art textile exhibitions and been a member of the jury for European Art Quilt 2010 and 2012, and Fine Art Quilt Masters 2013.



•    European Art Quilt 2004, 2006, 2010 & 2012

•    Artcloth: Engaging New Visions

•    Florence Biennale

•    Quilt 2004


Books published through Committed to Cloth:

•    Breakdown Printing

•    Tray Dyeing

•    Finding your own Visual Language

•    Paper Lamination

•    Screen Printing

•    Thermofax Printing

•    Making your Mark



•    Potter’s Farm Studios, Betchworth, U.K.

•    The Crow Timber-Framed Barn, Ohio, U.S.A

•    The Masseria della Zingara, Puglia, Italy

•    The Textile Centre, Minnesota, U.S.A

•    The Surface Design Association Conference, Kansas City, U.S.A

•    Quilt und Textilkunst, Munich, Germany

•    Zijdelings, The Netherlands

•    The Festival of Quilts (through ‘The Virtual Studio’)


Privately owned works:

•    ‘Sydney Angles’: hand-dyed and pieced velvets, machine stitched

•    ‘Elemental’: velvet whole cloth, hand and machine stitched

•    ‘Desert Meditation’: painted whole cloth, machine and hand stitching

•    ‘Uluru’: whole cloth, layered processes, cut-back appliqué, machine and hand stitch

•    ‘Carnival’: painted wholecloth

•    ‘It’s All Academic, I & II’: whole cloth, layered processes and media

•    ‘The Compost Heap’: whole cloth, layered processes, machine stitch and appliqué

•    ‘Settle your Dust, I’: whole cloth, layered processes and media

•    ‘Black Boxes’: diptych, whole cloth, layered processes and media

•    ‘Dreamcatcher’: wholecloth, layered processes & media

•    ‘Todos, Patagonia’: paper lamination

•    ‘Traces of Time’: paper lamination, third in series

•    ‘100 Lines’: painted whole cloth

•    ‘Small Trees, I & II’: whole cloth over canvas, layered processes and machine stitch

•    ‘Traces of Time, IV’: whole cloth, layered processes and media

•    ‘Alliums’: whole cloth on canvas, layered processes

•    ‘Yellow Barn’; mixed media and stitch

•    ‘Potter’s Farm: Dusk’: mixed media and stitch

•    ‘Ragged Edges’: mixed media, box-framed

•    ‘Rough Edges, I’: mixed media, box framed

•    ‘Rough Edges, II’: mixed media, box framed

•    ‘As if to Nothing: City Snow’: mixed media


A whole raft of smaller works stretched over canvas were sold at The Westerly Restaurant but unfortunately when the restaurant closed, the buyer details went with it (fun while it lasted!).

Works included:


•    ‘Kitchen Knives’, ‘Kitchen Whisk’ and ‘Kitchen Spoon’ (triptych)

•    ‘Fish’

•    ‘Contrasting States’

•    ‘Numbers Game’

•    ‘Settle your Dust, II’

•    ‘Steelworks’

•    ‘Treeline’

•    ‘Big Red Ball’

•    ‘States of Disintegration’

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